Jargulicës children now have the opportunity to attend preschool program

JARGULICË VILLAGE, RADOVISH, February 19, 2014: Thanks to the new center for early childhood development, which was opened under the initiative "the first 5 are the most auspicious", children aged 3-6 years the village now have the opportunity Jargulicë attend preschool program quality. 

Today with a ribbon cutting center was officially put into use by Mr.. Shashko Nikolov, Mayor of Radovish, Mrs.. Razha Msefer Berada, deputy representative of UNICEF and Mrs.. Lipsha Lea, president of the Foundation "T-Mobile for Macedonia" 

"With the opening of this new center for early childhood development prove that the municipality does not have to invest a lot of money to make a great difference. Changing dedicate a space in the school, which in fact was not used, mundësuam that young children benefit Jargulicës same opportunities as their peers also Radovish, "said Mr.. Sasko Nikolov, Mayor of Radovish. 

Jargulica is a small village located 12 kilometers from Radovish, while numbering 200 households. Given that in order to reach the nearest kindergarten must travel at least 20 minutes, children Jargulicës until today they were in 70 percent of children in the country who do not attend preschool programs. 

"Centres for early childhood development are the biggest perk for those countries in which there is no possibility to open nests, such as rural communities and marginalized," said Ms. Razha Msefer Berada, deputy representative of UNICEF. "It is a model that has proven that it is worth, which is located with the recent legal changes."

Besides providing physical space, the municipality also covers expenses for educator salary and running costs for maintenance of the center, so that programs for children are free. A part of the funds that were donated by the Foundation "T-Mobile for Macedonia" - the total was 50,000 U.S. dollars - were used to equip the center Jargulicës with furniture, toys and educational materials, and the training of teachers in the implementation of modern methods to promote early childhood development. 

"Now more and more children and marginalized rural environments given the opportunity to attend quality programs for early childhood development, but our goal is to enable this for all the children of Macedonia," said Ms. Lipsha Lea, president of the Foundation "T-Mobile for Macedonia" 

Through the campaign "The first five are the most auspicious" are urged municipalities to enter into partnership with UNICEF and proof sector, but also individuals, and also to donate to spread the network of services in those communities that are most in need for this. Private sector companies can "adopt center for early childhood development", while individuals can donate by calling 100 pence in 070/075/077 143,555.